Why Services?

The idea is a simple one:  These are big products.  They have a lot of moving parts. Optimally planned, configured and implemented, the resulting workflow/process automations can save the organization an enormous amount of money.

Without the benefit of supporting services, most customers will cap out at about 15% utilization.  Even well-staffed customers who go the do-it-yourself, trial-and-error route end up at about 20% - 25% utilization of actual product potential.   This methodology will always cost more (over time) than the cost of services.  It’s the nature of the product at more advanced ITSM/ITAM levels.

These products are not intended to be ‘out-of-the-box’.  They are purposely designed to be highly flexible and configurable in order to adapt to unique business requirements from customer to customer.

Professional services assists in getting your project done, quickly, correctly the first time out of the gate.