IT Infrastructure Library/ITIL


ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is an integrated set of best-practice processes for delivering IT services to customers – both internal and external. The primary focus is to maximize value to customers (the business) by aligning IT resources with business/organizational needs. At its core is the basic idea that value is provided in the form of business/organizational-aligned IT Services.

ITIL contains detailed process descriptions, flows, success factors, metrics and implementation guidance that organizations can adapt to work in their environment.

The ITIL framework can help organizations establish and improve their overall IT Service Management capability, increase alignment with the business, maximize and demonstrate value to the business.

ITIL doesn’t tell how, or how much of the framework to adopt, allowing organizations the flexibility to adopt the processes as and if needed to address their specific needs. Each individual process has documented value to the business, and can be adopted individually, albeit they are highly interrelated and some processes are difficult to adopt in isolation.